Klaviyo Integration


preezie integrates with Klaviyo to automatically send all leads and any workflow journey data directly into your Klaviyo account. This means each lead profile created (or updated) will come attached with an event containing their preezie Q&A and product recommendations shown.

The lead information fields sent to Klaviyo are specified in the Workflow Edit:

Set up Klaviyo for preezie

  1. First find your API key in your Klaviyo account

    1. go to Account > Settings > API Keys > Private API Keys

    2. Click Create new Private API Key if there isn’t one already there:

  2. View the Private API Key and copy and paste it into your preezie Admin > Settings > Tenant settings > Klaviyo Integration


  3. Click Test Connection to validate your key, check Active then Save

  4. From now on, all journey data being captured by preezie (e.g. viewed in Reports > Leads) will also appear under Klaviyo > Profiles (https://www.klaviyo.com/people)

How preezie sends data to my Klaviyo account

Each time the user submits a lead form (either before or after seeing their results) all of this data is sent as a metric event in Klaviyo. It will only send the amount of products specified in the Result Size value within the workflow Edit > UI Results & Behaviours > Result Size

The event name is preezie lead form submit the default fields populated are:







question number - question shown


The question and answer(s) the user chose. Multiple answers are comma separated


Repeats for all answered questions



Unique id given to each lead



The workflow’s current name



How the workflow was triggered,
i.e. Workflow (embedded in page), Cta, PopUp, ExitIntent



Unique id from product feed


image url

Image shown from product feed


product name

Name from product feed



Price from product feed



0-100 preezie match score


product url

Product url from product feed


Repeats for all products specified in Result Size

Sending additional product attributes to Klaviyo

If you have additional product attributes you’d like to send in addition to the above fields, you can select these via Product configuration > Product attributes.

Select your database and Edit the Field name you want to pass to Klaviyo. Choose Appears in Statistics, then OK then Save.

Now each time a lead form is submitted these additional attributes will also be sent, for example description:

This can be used to learn more about the product types that match your shopper’s needs as well as refine your email campaign targeting.

How to send directly to a Klaviyo list

You can send all of your leads directly to a list ID from preezie. First obtain your list ID from Klaviyo, this can be found in the List’s settings:

Copy that text and go back to the preezie admin Settings > Tenant settings > Klaviyo Integration > List ID

Where to insert your List ID

Once you save this all leads will go straight into your designated list (if Double Opt-in is set on your list in Klaviyo, it requires the email user to accept the invitation first).

Note, this only works with Lists not Segments, segments are built dynamically using Klaviyo’s in-built behaviour.

Building a Results Email

Things to remember

  1. Partial information won’t be sent, only after the user has clicked Get Results! (or equivalent) and submitted the lead capture form at the end of their preezie journey

  2. We use an inbuilt filter so any emails and phone numbers that are invalid (e.g. spam, odd characters) will not be sent to any external feeds including Klaviyo, however you’ll still be able to see them in your preezie reports. You can turn off this filter in Settings > Tenant settings > Opt-out of email filtering

  3. Identical emails or phone numbers will not be sent if they are within the timeout period set for the workflow, after this period they can submit again

The timeout period is set in the Workflow > Edit > Lead > Timeout in hours for duplicate leads. This should be set to 0 for all duplicate leads to be stored and sent to Klaviyo